The Rise of PUBG Mobile: Advantages and Disadvantages

PUBG Mobile advantages and disadvantages

 The Rise of PUBG Mobile: Advantages and Disadvantages

PUBG, originally a PC game, gained immense popularity when Tencent Gaming launched its mobile version. Consequently, gaming smartphones such as ASUS ROG and iPhone XR became increasingly popular. By bringing mobile gaming to a broader audience, PUBG Mobile revolutionized the perception of mobile gaming.

PUBG Mobile does have some advantages, as well as some disadvantages. Initially, mobile games were considered less immersive due to graphics and control limitations. However, PUBG Mobile changed this perception in 2018. With two versions available (PC and mobile), players can even use emulators to enjoy PUBG Mobile on PC. It is about PUBG Mobile advantages and disadvantages


Enhancing Multitasking Abilities

Playing PUBG MOBILE regularly can enhance various cognitive abilities. One notable skill that improves is multitasking. Engaging in intense gameplay requires players to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. For instance, during a rush game, players must swiftly pick up weapons and eliminate enemies.

Developing Focusing Power and Concentration Skills

Another crucial aspect is focusing on power. Players with particular focus can spot enemies firing at them from a distance of 500 meters while sprinting across an open field. Managing to reach a safe cover demonstrates their remarkable ability to concentrate. Regularly playing PUBG MOBILE can further enhance this focusing power.

Teamwork and Coordination

In the game, it’s crucial to have good teamwork and coordination skills. When facing enemy teams like Pochinki, how players and their teammates handle the situation demonstrates their ability to work together. Effective coordination is necessary to survive and succeed in these scenarios.

PUBG MOBILE: An Escape from Daily Life Problems

Additionally, PUBG MOBILE serves as an escape from daily life problems, providing a temporary respite from the day’s stresses.

Improving Problem-Solving Skills

The game also contributes to the improvement of problem-solving skills. Landing quickly in the game requires calculations and strategic planning. Players must apply mathematical concepts to ensure a fast and efficient landing. Furthermore, winning matches and securing the coveted “chicken dinner” necessitates employing various strategies and skills and honing problem-solving abilities applicable to real-life situations.

Enhancing Memory through PUBG MOBILE Gameplay

Memory is another cognitive aspect that benefits from playing PUBG MOBILE. Players must remember specific locations on the map and interpret audio cues to determine the direction of enemies. The game’s signal indicators also change in color and intensity based on proximity, enhancing memory retention. Benefits of minecraft

Boosting Brain Speed with PUBG MOBILE

Moreover, the fast-paced nature of the game enhances brain speed. Players must react swiftly to survive, fostering improved cognitive processing speed.

Improving Social Skills

Engaging with teammates in PUBG MOBILE fosters social skills, as effective communication and cooperation are essential for victory.

PUBG MOBILE: Enhancing Coordination, Attention, Concentration, and Multitasking Abilities.

In summary, PUBG MOBILE improves coordination, attention, concentration, and multitasking abilities and provides an escape from daily life problems. The game enhances problem-solving skills, memory, brain speed, and social interactions, making it a valuable activity with cognitive benefits.

PUBG MOBILE on Emulator: Advantages and Connections

Playing PUBG MOBILE on an emulator grants you the advantage of being able to move and shoot simultaneously, unlike mobile players. However, it also means competing against other emulator players. Additionally, PUBG MOBILE is a great platform to connect with new people, allowing you to chat and forge new friendships while enjoying the game. See more advantages and disadvantages


Disadvantages of PUBG MOBILE: Addiction and Health Impact

The game is popular among children and young adults, leading to addiction and detrimental effects on their health. The captivating theme of survival in a multiplayer game often makes individuals unable to resist repeatedly playing, negatively impacting their well-being.

Nightmares, Time Waste, and Battery Consumption

Excessive gameplay can result in nightmares related to the game, especially if played late at night, disrupting sleep patterns and causing tiredness. Moreover, playing PUBG MOBILE for long hours can lead to a significant waste of time, with each game lasting around 30-35 minutes. Additionally, the game’s intensive graphics and processing power consume considerable battery life, affecting smartphone performance.

Weak Eyesight, Mental Health, and Academic Performance

Staring at mobile or desktop screens for extended periods while playing PUBG MOBILE can contribute to weak eyesight. Furthermore, excessive gaming can harm mental health, potentially leading to depression and physical ailments such as backaches and general lethargy. Students addicted to the game may struggle to concentrate, resulting in poor academic performance.

Behavior Changes, Lack of Hobbies, and Brain Development

Research indicates that children who spend excessive time playing video games, including PUBG MOBILE, may exhibit violent behavior and have underdeveloped personalities. The game’s time-consuming nature can prevent children from discovering and nurturing other hobbies. Additionally, while video games may initially improve critical thinking and brain speed, prolonged exposure can hinder overall brain development.

Impact on Outdoor Activities and Parental Awareness

Playing PUBG MOBILE can lead to decreased participation in outdoor games, which are crucial for a child’s holistic development. Parents must monitor their children’s gaming habits closely to ensure the game is played for entertainment and in moderation. Video games can be enjoyed healthily, but addiction and excessive playtime should be avoided.

Reports of Negative Consequences

Numerous reports highlight the worst side of PUBG MOBILE, including incidents such as a fitness trainer losing mental balance, a teenager stealing money, and fatal accidents while playing the game. These examples underscore the potential dangers associated with excessive gameplay and the need for responsible gaming habits.

Steps for prevention

It is essential to approach games like PUBG MOBILE for entertainment and limit the time spent playing, especially for children and young adults. Parents should monitor their children’s gaming habits and encourage a balance between gaming, outdoor activities, and academic pursuits.


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