Healthcare Startups and Healthtech Companies in the United States

Healthcare Startups

Healthcare startups bring technologically advanced products and services to the regulated healthcare industry, driving essential innovation. Health tech combines health and technology to deliver optimal healthcare using advanced technologies like AI and cloud systems. Technology is crucial in disease detection, treatment recommendation, patient monitoring, and other valuable healthcare functions. A few Healthcare startups in the USA are given below:


Tempus is a leading health technology startup in the USA that uses artificial intelligence to improve healthcare. They provide sequencing, analytics, and informatics platforms to help physicians make informed diagnoses and expand treatment options. Their focus is on cancer treatment, using computational analysis of genetic data to guide oncological decisions. Tempus aims to offer personalized treatment options by leveraging data-driven technology and AI.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Chicago, Tempus has a vast library of molecular and clinical data, which they use to develop innovative healthcare solutions. They specialize in genomic sequencing, clinical data structuring, and data monetization. They aim to enhance early disease identification, recommend effective treatments, and predict treatment outcomes.

Attending a full-stack developer boot camp can be invaluable for those interested in health technology careers, as growing startups like Tempus require diverse skills. Tempus strives to provide the best healthcare by harnessing data and technology to personalize cancer treatment and improve patient outcomes.


Freenome utilizes molecular biology and machine learning to develop early cancer detection tests. With funding of $1.1B, their platform analyzes cell-free genomes to identify potential cancer markers and determine appropriate treatment paths. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Freenome focuses on detecting colorectal cancer and designing personalized health conditions based on individual profiles.

Lyra Health 

Lyra is a transformative mental healthcare startup providing frictionless experiences for members, providers, and employers. They offer software solutions for employee behavioral health management and work with employers and health plans to address undiagnosed behavioral health conditions. With a focus on personalized experiences, Lyra connects individuals to mental health support and therapy options. They seek experts in web development to design efficient software applications for their clients. In California, Lyra Health is committed to providing specialized mental health care and achieving high customer satisfaction.


Brooklyn-based Cityblock Health is a tech-driven healthcare company that delivers personalized care solutions to low-income communities. Founded in 2017, they collaborate with insurance providers, care practitioners, and community organizations to offer affordable, quality healthcare services. They aim to provide accessible and comprehensive healthcare through innovative technology and community partnerships.


Olive Healthtech, based in Columbus and founded in 2012, offers AI-based administrative solutions for the healthcare industry. Their platform uses artificial intelligence to automate tasks and optimize administrative processes. With a funding of $902M, Olive is dedicated to improving efficiency and reducing costs while enhancing patient care. By connecting technology and data, Olive aims to revolutionize healthcare administration. To support their innovative services, expertise in areas like full-stack development is essential for career opportunities in health technology.

Hinge Health

Hinge Health, founded in 2015 and based in San Francisco, is a digital platform that addresses back and joint pain. They offer comprehensive digital care programs for chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Their clinically proven solutions, including sensor bands and personalized coaching, help individuals manage pain, reduce healthcare costs, and improve quality of life. With funding of USD 845M, Hinge Health is a leading company in digital health, revolutionizing orthopedic care and telehealth.

Flatiron Health

Based in New York City, Flatiron Health focuses on cancer care technology, research, and electronic health records. They connect oncologists, researchers, and providers to improve cancer treatment. Founded in 2012, their integrated Flatiron Platform offers comprehensive patient data and business intelligence analytics. Their OncoCloud suite includes OncoEMR, OncoAnalytics, OncoTrials, and OncoBilling.


Verily, a startup based in San Francisco develops AI-based solutions for healthcare management and focuses on continuous health data collection. They offer platforms for timely decision-making and effective interventions. With over $700 million in funding, Verily is dedicated to improving life sciences programs and transforming healthcare delivery. Founded in 2015, their solutions include Onduo for chronic health management and the Verily Value Suite for hospital patient management.

Clover Health

Clover Health is an online healthcare insurance platform that provides affordable insurance plans for senior citizens. They offer comprehensive coverage for doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, dental, vision, and hearing. With funding of $1.3B, Clover Health aims to deliver better care at a lower cost. Since its founding in 2014 and based in San Francisco, they have gained over 40,000 members across multiple states in the USA.

Devoted Health

Devoted Health is an online health insurance platform for individuals, focusing on serving seniors. Founded in 2017 and located in Eagan, United States, they provide personalized health care plans supported by advanced technology. With funding of USD 1.97B, they offer comprehensive health insurance, including coverage for prescription drugs, doctor visits, dental and vision care, hospital treatments, and more. Their platform also provides health-related tips and resources for users.


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